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How It All Began

I ran outside crying and gasping for air. I could barely breathe while pregnant with twins, trying to catch my breath after witnessing a brutal beating when I was overseas. I looked up in the sky for love, and I saw the most excellent and most natural movement from the clouds in the sky. It was breathtaking. One cloud quickly shifted to the right and completely covered the cloud on the left. At that very moment in time, I knew God was communicating directly to me. The clouds were red, surrounded with radius purple and golden brown patches with blue streaks of lighting going through them. The clouds were similar to one of Amatullainc’s extraordinary artist Ata Alishahi. 

“Adapt To Only One Master - Nature.” 

It was 100 degrees outside and rained almost the entire time while I was in Africa. I was so far from home, overseas, in another country and all alone, without any family or friends to ask for help. I didn’t know anyone. I just had two police officers’ phone numbers that I got from Murtala Muhammad International Airport, just in case of emergency. That was my backup plan if I needed any help. But I didn’t even know how to speak their African Igbo language.

My Promise To God

Days and weeks were passing by, and I was becoming further and further along with my pregnancy, and my stomach was getting noticeably bigger. I had an obligation to be a woman of my word, to keep the promise I made to God. When I was seven years old, I promised God, and myself, that I was going to fly to Africa when I grew up and bring the starving African children my love and support with hugs, gifts, and donations. Every day after school, my mother gave my brother and I a healthy snack while she was preparing dinner for our family. I often watched my favorite cartoons Scooby-Doo, The Flintstones and Tom & Jerry. At commercial breaks, these heartbreaking scenes of dehydrated, malnourished and emaciated orphans came on my television asking to help feed the dying orphan children in Africa.
“For only ten cents a day you could provide medical, education, food, shelter and bring happiness and love to the lives of the children in poverty in Africa.” I always remembered those commercials and that promise I made to God. Although my life was in danger, I was not leaving Africa until I helped the children in poverty.

My Journey To Africa

I flew from the United States of America 7,603 miles all the way to Warri, Nigeria to personally bring my love to the orphans in poverty. It was a big sacrifice I made, but I could not leave Africa until I made my wish come true. All I can think of is Nelson Mandela saying… “Poverty is not an accident. Like slavery and apartheid, it is man-made and can be removed by the actions of human beings. Let us sacrifice our today so that our children can have a better tomorrow.”
The very next day I went to the orphanage in Africa “HEART OF DELTA CHILDREN’S HOME.” I brought my love and support with a donation, which helped the children in poverty with food, medicine, and education. The children were so ecstatic and delighted with it. We sang and prayed together - this was a dream come true.

A Bond Like No Other

As the sun started to set in that evening, I was traveling back to the village, listening to my heart and soul. “Amatulla, you have to do something to save yourself and your unborn twin sons that you already have a deep connection with.” I loved them so deeply. I began to meditate and listen to my soul.
My soul spoke to me and said, “Maid Servant for God, You Are A True ‘Amatullah.’ You Are A Queen, Mother of All Sons — a Powerful and Strong Woman With Courage. You’re a marathon runner and swimmer, state qualifier and cross country city champion four straight years in a row, a real winner. You have all the skills and strength you need, use that knowledge of mental and physical toughness that you have acquired over the years and save yourself and your unborn twin babies.”

A Sudden Burst Of Inspiration

All of a sudden my heart skipped a beat. Then, the world’s greatest artists and their masterpieces miraculously appeared in my memory, flashing right before my eyes...
  1. Mona Lisa, The Last Supper and Madonna of The Rocks by Leonardo Da Vinci
  2.  Peace by Picasso
  3. The Crucifixion and The School of Athens by Raphael
  4. Christ In The Storm Of The Sea of Galilee and Jewish Bride by Rembrandt
  5. Bride Across The Seine, Sunflowers, Café Terrace At Night and The Starry Night by Vincent Van Gogh
  6. Poppies In A Field, Waters Lilies and Haystacks by Claude Monet
  7. The Girl With The Pearl Earring and View Of Delft by Jan Vermeer
  8. Michelangelo’s Creation Of Adam and his epic ceiling mural on The Sistine Chapel.
Then the most powerful and extraordinary thing happened to me. I discovered myself a Lotus Flower in full bloom… Even in a muddy pond, beautiful and strong. 
 However, the clock was ticking, and I was running out of time. My airplane flight 143 back home was scheduled for the next day. I knew in my heart; I could not miss my flight back to America. The time was now or never because flying pregnant with twins was a medical liability. I would not be able to hide my pregnancy if I waited any longer.

Coming Back To America

I came up with a plan. In a soft melody tone voice, I said to my fiancé “Sweetheart, I will send you $10,000 tomorrow, but I need to catch my flight for me to personally pick up the money at the Federal Reserve Bank in Houston, Texas.” My fairytale story didn’t matter to me as long as I found a way to free myself from any more physical and mental abuse. It meant the world for me to see my family & friends again and give life to my twin sons in the USA.
The next day we were both running through Murtala Muhammed International Airport in Lagos, Nigeria to catch my flight 143 to Houston, Texas. Texas was the very first landing back to the States. I had six suitcases to check in, after which I cut over 350 people crying, praying and thanking God that I was getting on the airplane back to the United States of America. The African people were telling each other: “Let her through, she is in need of help, let her pass you by.” Everybody let me cut them; it was like all the gates of heaven were opening up for me.
I finally arrived at the metal detector. As I took off my shoes, belt, and jewelry, I was still crying of joy that I was getting on the airplane and going home to the USA. A loud baritone voice said over the speaker in a different language. United Airlines flight 143 to Houston, Texas will be taking off in ten minutes. I was saying goodbye to my African life forever. I ran all the way to my flight nonstop barefoot, pregnant with twins and broke, carrying my Coach Briefcase and Apple Laptop.
After flying precisely 6,512 miles, my United Airlines flight 143 landed at the George Bush Intercontinental Airport in Houston, Texas on July 26, 2013. It was the happiest day of my life. As I listened to my soul, it confirmed to me that I made the best choice for my son’s future.
I love my unborn twin sons with all my heart and soul. I must give LIFE to them in the United States of America. They will have more significant opportunities and receive a better education being born as US Citizens in the United States of America. Thank You, God, Thank You God, and Thank You, God. I felt like Eddie Murphy “Coming To America.” I held my head up high, and tears of joy were pouring down my face as I marched to the line that read “Welcome Home United States of America Citizens Only.”

The Best Is Yet To Come

There’s a potent life lesson in this story that you may apply to your everyday life. Have a healthy mind and face life challenges with persistence, sacrifices, determination, and willingness to prosper. A positive attitude to all of this will give you the opportunity to one day achieve your goals. Push on, my beautiful people, and never give up. The best is yet to come...
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Amatulla Alexander, President & CEO
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